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- Architecture: the art and science of designing buildings and other physical structures.

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  • Interactive Learning Paradigms (US), ArtSource - gathering point for networked resources on art & architecture: architecture resources, art & architecture programs & libraries, art journals online, artist's projects, electronic exhibitions, events, general resources, image collections, museum info, new media, organizations, vendor info, virtual ceramics exhibit
  • Library of Congress (US), Performing Arts Reading Room - Internet Resources for Music, Theater and Dance: libraries & research aids, periodical indexes, doctoral dissertations, obituaries & necrologies, dance, theater, opera, music (film, church, organizations, publishers, copyright, sheet), song lyrics
  • Wikipedia, Portal-Music - explore Music categories,Music genres and forms, Composers and musicians, Musical instruments

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basic principles of elastic behavior for different materials such as wood, steel, concrete, and composite materials, properties and applications of materials, cross sectional stress and strain behavior in flexure and in shear and torsion, stability of beams and columns, qualitative behavior of combined stresses and fracture in materials

Building Technology I: Materials and Construction

introduction to the history, theory, and construction of basic structural systems as well as an introduction to energy issues in buildings. It emphasizes basic systematic and elemental behavior, principles of structural behavior, and analysis of individual structural elements and strategies for load carrying.

Roman Architecture

great buildings and engineering marvels of Rome and its empire, urban planning and individual monuments and their decoration, including mural painting, developments in Rome, Pompeii, and Central Italy highlighted, survey of sites and structures in what are now North Italy, Sicily, France, Spain, Germany, Greece, Turkey, Croatia, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, and North Africa

Religious Architecture and Islamic Cultures

introduces history of Islamic cultures, religious architecture that spans 14 centuries & 3 continents, studies representative examples from House of the Prophet to present in conjunction with their social, political & intellectual environments: readings, related resources

CityScope: New Orleans

project-based introduction to the contemporary city, assess scenarios for the purpose of formulating social, economic and design strategies to provide humane and sustainable solutions, City and building design, coastal Louisiana (review on sustainability and vulnerability), post-Katrina rebuilding

Design Fabrication

using rapid prototyping and CAD/CAM devices in a studio environment: projects, recitations

Analysis of Historic Structures

themed sections based around construction materials, Structures from all periods of history are analyzed, goal to provide understanding of the preservation of historic structures

Architecture of Cairo

includes extensive & heavily illustrated lecture notes covering Cairo from time of Alexander until 20th century, organized by major historical periods, glossary of terms: readings, related resources

Introduction to Urban Design and Development

evolving structure of cities and the way that cities, suburbs, and metropolitan areas can be designed and developed, Boston and other American cities studied to see how physical, social, political and economic forces interact to shape and reshape cities over time: readings

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